Ministry Opportunities

These ministry opportunities have been submitted by churches and ministries that are associated with the Charis Fellowship. Any ministry engagement (paid or volunteer) that comes as a result of this announcement should be entered into with due diligence and legal review. The Charis Fellowship does not guarantee the accuracy of this information. Persons contacting these ministries are not recommended by the Charis Fellowship.

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Pickerington Campus Associate Pastor

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POSITION: Pickerington Campus Associate Pastor REPORTS TO: Pickerington Executive Pastor

PURPOSE STATEMENT: To help people live Jesus-centered lives by leading teams, developing leaders, and continually raising the quality of disciples at the Pickerington Campus.

EMPLOYMENT STATUS & HOURLY REQUIREMENTS: Full-time, 40+ hours (Monday-Thursday + weekend responsibilities)


  • Work alongside the Pickerington Executive Pastor in executing all facets of Discipleship ministry

  • Assist in maximizing the development of group leaders personally, and alongside the Groups Pastor and Bible Study Coordinators

  • Manage staff and staff teams as needed

  • Assist in meeting with new families, potential Partners, and longtime Partners

  • Be actively involved in weddings, funerals, counselings, and walk-ins during the week

  • Support the Campus Pastor in the ongoing shepherding and leadership of the campus

  • Be a continual catalyst for people at the Pickerington Campus to take their next step

    of involvement and discipleship

  • Other duties as assigned by the Pickerington Executive Pastor and Pickerington

    Campus Pastor


  • Passion for the local church focused on reaching a local community

  • Honors and models the Staff Code values of Hungry, Healthy, and Humble and

    teaches/coaches others to do the same

  • Loves Jesus, submits to the truth of the Bible, lives with integrity, and strives for

    Jesus-centered living

  • Commitment to the Statement of Faith of Grace Fellowship through Partnership

  • Understands and manages the tension of the “And” through high passion for both

    evangelism and discipleship

  • Strong leadership, shepherding, recruiting, building, and developing skills

  • Excels in development of high level ministry leaders

  • Significant knowledge of the Bible and how to apply it to people’s lives in various


  • Self-motivated, highly driven, craves feedback, strong relational ability, team builder

Listing Expires: 02-Aug-22

Lead Pastor

 Church Description 

Northwest Chapel is a family friendly, Christian church committed to the truth of the Word of God and the foundations of evangelicalism. We serve our community with a pre-school, vibrant kids ministry, active student ministries program, group classes for adults of all ages, and missions both locally and internationally. We are an independent multigenerational Charis Fellowship church congregation of over 500 in the fast-growingNorthwest region of Columbus, Ohio. 

Our Biblical Mission is to Engage Jesus and Others Every Day for Eternal Impact. We believe that God’sWord fuels us, God’s love connects us, and God’s mission focuses us. Our ministries aim to reflect these important priorities. 

Church and Fellowship resources below:

Lead Pastor Position Description 

The lead pastor should seek God and be used by Him to provide spiritual and administrative leadership to the church. He is to use his teaching and pastoral care skills to share the Gospel and assist the needs of persons in the church and community. He empowers the church community to use their giftedness and follow Christ’s direction to go fulfill the great commandment (Luke 10:27) and the great commission (Matthew 28:19-20). 

The lead pastor sets the direction for the ministries, discipleship, and congregational activities in collaboration with the other elders and pastoral staff. He should be a Spirit-dependent and Spirit-led shepherd (Philippians 2:5, 1 Peter 5) capable of coaching and developing other staff. 

Other Essential responsibilities: 

  • Prioritize time to pursue God, growing in His grace through daily personal time with the Lord in the Word, devoted to prayer, and other Spiritual disciplines (Acts 6:4) 
  • Teach the Bible with diligence and dedication to extract the accurate truths 
  • Equip members for a life of Christian growth and service 
  • Conduct church services, administer the ordinances, and perform other duties that normally pertain to the pastoral role 
  • Build healthy and effective relationships with the church members
  • Oversee the teaching ministry of the church, coordinating the content and schedule of biblical instruction in our public and main celebration services 
  • Communicate spiritual truths, ministry plans, and outcomes to the church community through creative media on a regular basis 
  • Share responsibility of pastoral care and counseling 
  • Promote, educate, and advocate for prayer and biblical stewardship 
  • Partner with Charis Fellowship and mission events locally and around the world 


Pastor Qualifications 

  • Licensed and degreed pastor and diligent student of the Bible in harmony with the Statement of Faith set forth in the Northwest Chapel Church Constitution 
  • Characteristics of a New Testament Elder: 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, and 1 Peter 5 
  • Experienced and skilled communicator capable of organized exegetical teaching and discipleship 
  • Relational leader who is led by the Holy Spirit and can lead with confidence, humility, and a servant’s heart, inspiring others to follow Christ 
  • Understands the responsibilities of our church and facilitates and coordinates with others 


Interested Candidates should submit the following: 

● Short Answer Questionnaire 

● Link to recent sermon 

● Resume 

● References (4) 

● Cover Letter (Optional) 

Lead Pastor Application Link: 

Application process difficulties: contact Sven Christianson [email protected] 614-561-2153

Listing Expires: 17-Jul-22

Worship Director

Principle Function:

The Worship Director at Ashland Grace Church in Ashland, Ohio is responsible for leading the musical worship of Grace Church, including directing the worship team and tech team, as well as discipling the people of Grace to grow in Worship.

Qualifications for the Position:

This person must be a committed follower of Jesus Christ; be committed to His church; and be passionate about worshipping God and shepherding others to worship Him. This person must have a high view of Scripture, a strong understanding of the church and corporate worship, and a love for people. They must have strong musical ability and be able to develop and lead a large team of volunteers.

Requirements of the Position: [Reports to the Senior Pastor]

  • Work closely with the Senior Pastor to plan and lead Sunday morning worship services, including service structure and song selection
  • Give strong and visible leadership of the musical worship team on Sunday mornings in a way that is engaging and excellent, focusing on ensuring the songs are true and singable
  • Recruit and schedule vocalists, musicians, and the tech team
  • Lead weekly rehearsals for the worship team, including giving spiritual direction and shepherding, musical training for Sunday, and clear communication about services and roles
  • Lead, oversee, and direct the tech team to ensure that all technical elements of the Sunday morning service are accomplished (including stage setup, lighting, audio, video, slides, etc.)
  • Oversee the online livestream of the service to ensure quality and connection
  • Be intentional about shepherding and discipling the people at Grace to become more committed and engaged worshippers, particularly in corporate worship but also to view worship as a way of life (1 Cor. 10:31)
  • Serve on the Creative Team and provide leadership and direction on various creative elements, including graphics, video, and communications, at the direction of the Senior Pastor and Executive Director of Operations
  • Work alongside the Senior Pastor to plan and lead special services periodically throughout the year, including communion services and Christmas Eve services
  • Assist as needed with musical worship and/or technical production for funerals
Listing Expires: 12-Jul-22

Family Pastor

Principle Function:

The Family Pastor at Ashland Grace Church in Ashland, Ohio is responsible for overseeing the Children’s Ministries at Grace Church while actively engaging with and discipling kids, parents, and families to know and love Christ in a deeper way.

Qualifications for the Position:

This person must be a committed follower of Jesus Christ; be committed to His church; and be passionate about discipling parents and kids individually, as well as families collectively. They must be gifted in teaching and communication, in leading people, in developing volunteers and other leaders, and in discipleship.

Requirements of the Position: 

  • Give vision and direction to the Children’s Ministry at Grace Church

  • Lead the Cove Coordinator and the Canyon Coordinator, both spiritually and personally.

  • Lead, equip, and recruit volunteers in Children’s Ministry.

  • Organize periodic events for kids and families.

  • Work closely with the Director of Student Ministries on ways to engage and disciple

    families, as well as ensuring a coherent and complementary vision across NextGen


  • Develop and oversee a Wednesday night program that is geared toward discipling kids,

    parents, and families.

  • Have healthy relationships with the families of Grace Church, providing counseling and

    training as necessary.

  • Implement training opportunities and helpful environments for parents to grow in their faith

    and grow in their parenting.

  • Provide resources and training to better equip parents to practice family discipleship with

    their kids.

  • Develop a plan to better integrate the kids, parents, and families into the life of Grace

    Church as a whole.

  • Pastor and shepherd the people of Grace Church.

Listing Expires: 12-Jul-22

Senior Pastor Opportunity

 Senior/Lead Pastor: Brookville Grace Brethren Church

The Brookville Grace Brethren Church is prayerfully seeking a Senior Pastor whom God has chosen to lead us into the future to help fulfill our mission to

Know, Grow, and GO!

Though modest in numbers we are deeply committed to Knowing God’s Word, Growing in application of God’s Word and Going out into our expanding family-oriented community and beyond.  Our motivated, loving and giving congregation is eager to support that dynamic visionary man.  We have a 250-seat sanctuary, fellowship hall, numerous classrooms, an administration building as well as a multi-purpose activity building under renovation. 

Please send resume to


●       Called by God to be Pastor.

●       Meets the qualifications of elder/overseer found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.

●       Wholeheartedly agrees with Brookville Grace’s Constitution and By-Laws.

●       Bachelor’s degree necessary, MDiv preferred.

●       Excellent communication skills both in and out of the pulpit.


●       Serves through servant-leadership to shepherd the flock of God among us by preaching, teaching and personally discipling according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

●       Articulates Mission, Vision, and Values to the Church in line with the Word of God.

●       Preaches and oversees all preaching and teaching.

●       Provides accountability, training, and encouragement to servant-leaders (Ministry team leaders, elders, deacons, and those in training) and their families.

●       Spends significant time with God in the study of His Word and prayer for the sake of being filled for the pouring out of ministry.

●       Visits the sick when called for by the sick, their family, or by the Holy Spirit.

●       Administrates the ordinances of triune baptism and three-fold communion.

●       Oversees the planning of the whole-church worship gatherings.

●       Oversees the administrative work of the church office as necessary.

●       Manages or oversees the management of all church staff.

●       Develop a community presence through participation in community events with the specific purpose of representing Christ and the church in community life.

●       Officiate weddings and funerals.

●       Provide or recommend counseling as appropriate to abilities, skills or experience.

●       Work with the Elder board to handle church discipline and conflict in the church, seeking to reconcile relationships and promote unity within the church.

              * *

Listing Expires: 05-Jul-22

Interim or Senior Pastor

Community Grace Brethren Church

Goldendale, Washington

Interim or Senior Pastor



Our Church Overview:


On September 12, 1976, the church was officially organized and incorporated with 23 charter members.  God has blessed us from the start and continues doing so today.  Through the faithful dedication of its’ leaders and members our church maintains a positive and solid impact within the community. In November 2021, the Lord called home Dr. Greg Howell our faithful servant and pastor since December 1981. His legacy of love and leadership has a great impact within both our community and denomination.We invite you to visit our current website which describes who we are, our ministries and activities engaged within our community and church.


Our Mission & Vision:

The mission of Community Grace Brethren Church is to love God, to love others and magnify the name of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to glorify our God and Savior Jesus Christ, to make true disciples throughout all nations by means of missionary activity and support, to minister the ordinances, to edify believers and doing all that is sovereignly possible and Biblically permissible to magnify the name of Jesus. We exist to meet the needs of people by exalting the Savior, evangelizing the sinner, equipping the saved, edifying the saints, and encouraging every soul.


Our Position Description (Interim Pastor or Senior Pastor):


The job description (Interim or Lead Pastor) is based on timely need and weighted by level of importance to the church membership.  A more detailed job description will result from interview/assessment of the pastor position and experience (Interim or Senior pastor): 


  • Preaching and leading worship on Sunday services, weddings, funerals
  • General guidance and resource for overseer leadership development
  • Facilitating office staff as requested
  • Counseling: membership, marriage, family, crisis (conflicts or grief counseling)
  • General guidance and resource for selection of permanent pastor (if serving as Interim Pastor)
  • Participate and/or facilitate as requested or needed in meetings: board, departments, mission and worship teams.
  • Visitation to persons in hospital or of special needs (also train/delegate gifted leaders)
  • Perform ordinances of Baptism and Lords Supper within Goldendale Grace guidelines.
  • General guidance and resource for review of Church Constitution and By-Laws
  • Continuance of  Annual County Fair Sunday Service
  • Participate within Goldendale Community Ministerial Association
  • Continued Support of District Camp 


Candidate Qualifications:

  • Bachelors degree or master’s degree (preferred) in Biblical/Theology studies from an accredited institution
  • Held a ministry position in an established church for a minimum of one year
  • Be in agreement with Goldendale Grace Brethren Churchs Mission, Vision, and doctrine
  • Maintain Theological alignment and relationships with the Charis Fellowship of Churches and PNW District Network.


Lead Pastor will: 


  • Have a strong desire to lead and/or develop the church in discipleship of youth, young families and adults of all ages.
  • To develop (along with leadership),  relationships with families that will lead to effective assimilation and engagement into the church body and their relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • To encourage and coach ministry leaders, office staff and dedicated volunteers (when needed).
  • Participate (along with church leaders) in the development or training of existing or additional ministries including identification and use of spiritual gifts supporting all ministries within the church, and community or mission field. 
  • Develop a community presence through participation in community events, organizations, etc., with the specific purpose of representing Christ and the church in community life.


To Apply for Position: 


Download and complete application provided below and email it, along with a resume to:  [email protected]


Application form download: 

Listing Expires: 28-Jun-22

Administrative Assistant

Manheim Grace Church

Administrative Assistant


Job Description: 

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for working closely with the Lead Pastor, other staff, and volunteer leaders to support the overall ministry of the church. Under the direction of the Lead Pastor, he/she will attend to a wide variety of responsibilities, including general office management, financial data input, and church communications. 



·      Job Type: part-time, approx. 16-20 hours per week

·      Pay Scale: $15-$20 per hour (negotiable)

·      Location: Manheim Grace Church, Manheim, Pennsylvania

·      Reports to: Lead Pastor

·      Benefits: paid vacation



·      A personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ. 

·      A friendly and professional demeanor, a hospitable and humble spirit, and a kind and compassionate heart. 

·      A commitment to excellence, personal growth, and teamwork.

·      Familiarity with MS Office, Mac OS, church management software (e.g. Planning Center) and QuickBooks preferred. 

·      General comfort level with office equipment and technology. 

·      Capacity to multitask, take initiative, and attend to details. 

·      Minimum High School Diploma.



Please send all resumes and cover letters to [email protected].




Listing Expires: 27-Jun-22

Children's Ministry Coordinator

POSITION: Grace Fellowship Chapel Campus Children's Ministry Coordinator
REPORTS TO: The Grace Fellowship Chapel Campus Pastor
PURPOSE STATEMENT: To help people live Jesus-centered lives by creating an environment for children birth - 5th grade at the Chapel Campus of Grace Fellowship to help build relationships that point kids to Jesus through a partnership with parents.
EMPLOYMENT STATUS & HOURLY REQUIREMENTS: Part-time, 25 hours, (including weekend responsibilities and special events)
● Manage NEXT environment, including monthly theme/decor, collect weekly props and supplies, maintain a level of excellence in cleanliness and organization
● Organize and distribute the curriculum received from the NEXT Central Services team, including editing lessons, gathering props, and assembling materials
● Coordinate campus-specific events (Baby Dedication; FX, etc.) and execute Family Ministry events at The Chapel (i.e. Manager Project, Family Dinner Challenge, etc.)
● Recruit, equip, train, schedule and develop volunteer teams and leaders via orientation, resources and ongoing support
● Mediate and resolve conflicts/challenges that may arise within your area of responsibility
● Work with NEXT Director on vision and strategy for the Chapel
● Assist with overall departmental needs including equipping and resourcing parents to disciple their students and special projects as needed
● Other duties as assigned
● Passion for a local church focused on reaching a local community
● Honors and models the Staff Code values of Hungry, Healthy and Humble and teaches/coaches others to do the same
● Loves Jesus, submits to the truth of the Bible, lives with integrity, and strives for Jesus-centered living
● Commitment to the Statement of Faith of Grace Fellowship through partnership
● Be well organized and detail-oriented   


Listing Expires: 20-Jun-22

Lead Pastor

 Uniontown Grace Brethren Church

To Apply for This Position

Download and complete this application. Email it, along with a resume to: [email protected]

Uniontown Grace Brethren Church of Pennsylvania has entered into a partnership with Assist Church Expansion for the purpose of revitalization and restart. This congregation of approximately 30 people has enthusiastically embraced God’s leading to engage a process of restart to ensure a productive future and to be more effective in reaching its community.

Uniontown Grace Brethren Church is seeking a Revitalization/Replant Pastor willing to make a minimum 3-year commitment to work with Assist Church Expansion and to lead the church through the transition and into the future.

Qualifications of a Revitalization Pastor


  • Possess a God given passion for church renewal and community outreach.

  • Minimum 3 years prior experience in vocational ministry.

  • Education – Bible College or Seminary Training

  • Willing to be ordained in the Charis Fellowship of Churches

Requirements of a Revitalization/Replant Pastor


  • able to develop a vision and clear strategy for replanting/revitalizing/renewing a small community church

  • able to plan both short-term and long-term projects, identify project goals and set timelines for achieving those goals

  • able to motivate others to participate in achieving vision and planning goals for church renewal and growth

  • have a strong marriage with a spouse who shares God’s call to the church renewal ministry and who wholeheartedly supports her husband in this undertaking


Spiritual Maturity

  • has received and accepted a calling from God for this unique ministry 

  • is committed to Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior and to the authority of Scripture

  • is a man who believes in the power of prayer, has a strong personal prayer and devotional life

  • displays the Fruit of the Spirit and relies upon the Holy Spirit for every aspect of his life and ministry

  • pursues righteousness and a godly life

  • be theologically aligned with the Charis Commitment to Common Identity



  • has a deep understanding of sound doctrine and its use in life and ministry

  • has a passion for God’s purpose for His church and its role in and for the world

  • is committed to Christ-centered preaching and teaching

  • has the ability to teach/preach the Bible to diversified audiences consistent with the Gospel message


  • ability to identify, motivate and train individuals and teams

  • has excellent communication skills

  • adaptable and resilient when confronted with barriers and setbacks

  • able to accomplish tasks with limited resources

  • is a problem solver

  • ability to work well with others in leadership positions


To Apply for This Position

Download and complete this application. Email it, along with a resume to: [email protected]


Listing Expires: 20-Jun-22

Head Pastor Position- West Kittanning, PA

 The West Kittanning Grace Brethren Church (WKGBC) is prayerfully seeking our next Senior Pastor. We are located 40 miles north of Pittsburgh in Kittanning, PA which sits along the Allegheny River in Armstrong County. We have an active, three-part ministry made up of the church, a K-12 Christian school on the church grounds, and a partially developed 108-acre church camp. We are a member of the Charis Fellowship and the West Penn District. Our average weekly attendance is 85 people.  Interested applicants should submit the following items to Joe Bisping and the pastor search committee of WKGBC at [email protected].

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • At least three letters of recommendation addressing spiritual health, work ethic, and character
  • Clearances

Click Here for a Video Profile of West Kittanning Grace Brethren Church


  • Meets the qualifications of elder/overseer found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.
  • In full agreement with WKGBC’s statement of faith
  • Seminary or Biblical Studies Degree
  • Ordained in the Charis Fellowship preferred
  • Senior pastor experience preferred


  • Teach the Word of God each Sunday morning
  • Fulfill the responsibilities of an elder/overseer as outlined in the Scriptures
  • The candidate must prioritize prayer, scripture study, and His personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Guide ministry leaders in developing, clarifying, refining, and implementing a vision for WKGBC
  • Equip the saints to do the work of ministry and to edify the Body of Christ (Ephesians 4:11)
  • Administrate and meet regularly with the church staff
  • Plan and coordinate the weekly Sunday worship services
  • Serve on the school board of Grace Christian School (Church’s K-12 school)
  • Serve on the Elder Board (currently 8 members)
  • Serve on the camp board for Camp Charis (Church’s 108 acre camp)
  • Participate in community events and organizations as a representative of Christ and WKGBC
  • Be actively involved with the West Penn District and Charis Fellowship such as district ministerium, Camp Mantowagan, National Conference, etc.
  • Visitation with members


  • Officiate weddings/funerals
  • Provide counseling as needed
  • Carry out the ordinances of the church (Three-fold Communion & Triune Immersion Baptism) in cooperation with church leaders and members
  • Work with the elders to handle church discipline and conflict in the church, seeking to reconcile relationships, and promote unity within the church.
Listing Expires: 05-Jun-22

Worship Leader (Part-Time)

Worship Leader (Part-Time)

Blue Ridge Grace Brethren Church (Winchester, Virginia) is looking for a man to lead us in Gospel-saturated, biblically-sound, and musically-vibrant worship. This part-time position (app. 10 hours/week) could fit any employment scenario, including treating this as a pastoral internship, in which case the pastor will give individualized instruction and discipleship to help develop the next generation of worship leaders.

Our congregation of approximately eighty people has historically used the classic hymns of the faith, as well as many of the standard gospel songs of the late-nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Newer songs introduced in the past couple of years have been written or popularized by artists such as Sovereign Grace Music, the Gettys, City Alight, Matt Papa, Matt Boswell, and Matt Merker, and we anticipate continuing in that vein.

Given the size of our congregation, we are currently looking for someone who would work no more than ten hours a week (which include Sundays), and whose responsibilities would include:

  • Planning and leading the musical expressions of worship on Sunday mornings
  • Coordinating with the pastor on a weekly basis
  • Coordinating practices with other members of the worship and A/V teams
  • Coordinating special services throughout the year (e.g., Good Friday, Easter, Christmas Sunday, Christmas Eve, as well as evening Threefold Communion services)

With those responsibilities, we would anticipate the man would have the following qualifications:

  • Knowledge of the Word of God that is both solid and growing
  • Demonstration of godly maturity
  • Member of Blue Ridge Grace Brethren Church (i.e., commitment to this local body alone)
  • Possess strong vocal ability
  • Ability to lead proficiently from the piano and/or guitar

Additional skills that would be helpful and utilized:

  • Knowledge of ProPresenter and/or streaming equipment
  • Opportunities to preach can be made available to those who have the ability

Feel free to visit our website to learn more about us. Interested applicants or those with questions should contact Pastor Davey at [email protected]

Listing Expires: 30-May-22

Church/School Youth Pastor

Grace Church and Lanham Christian School (LCS) are seeking an individual to provide spiritual care for students in the church and school.

About us:

Grace Church is a growing body of believers committed to reaching our community for Christ. We are a church about Jesus and a church without walls. We are located in Lanham, Maryland about 15 minutes from the heart of DC. Our church is small (30-50 attendees) and is currently in the midst of a revitalization.

Lanham Christian School is a ministry of Grace Church that provides a quality education to local families taught from a Christian worldview. We have about 210 students in our K4 through twelfth grade program.

Candidate Qualifications:

  • Minimum bachelor’s degree in Biblical or Theological studies; seminary or master’s preferred

  • Held a ministry position in an established church or ministry for a minimum of one year

  • Theological alignment with the Charis Fellowship of Churches

  • Prior experience discipling children and adolescents

  • Is passionate about ministering in a suburban/urban area that has a multicultural demographic

  • Strong work ethic and willingness to serve others in humility

  • Possesses innovative ideas on effective ministry

  • Open to pursue ordination in the Charis Fellowship


Spiritual Maturity:

  • A committed follower of Jesus Christ and the authority of scripture

  • Possesses a regular and robust devotional and prayer life

  • Dedicated to personal and professional growth

  • Individual seeks to be guided by Holy Spirit in personal and professional decisions

  • Operation of the Fruit of the Spirit is evident in interactions with others


Ministry Responsibilities Include:

  • 35-50 hours weekly
    o 30-40 hours devoted to Lanham Christian School o 5-10 hours devoted to Grace Church

  • Grace Church Responsibilities:
    o Sunday morning children’s and youth director; Sunday School/Children’s Church o Mid-Week youth service/Small Groups
    o Plan and execute outreach activities to reach students and teens in the community. o Assist with church revitalization projects

  • Lanham Christian School Responsibilities: Please note that many of these responsibilities are concentrated to the school year and the school day (September through June; 7:30am – 3:30pm); Additionally, there are three vacation periods ranging from three to ten days, depending on the holiday, for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter built into each contract. The list below is an outline of what potential responsibilities might look like, however, the specifics would vary based on the competencies of individual candidate. School scheduling is also flexible depending on the nature of the specific responsibilities.
    • Spiritual oversight and direction for students in keeping with the ministry and vision of Grace Church
    • Coordinateatwo-dayspiritualretreatforhighschoolstudentsatthebeginningoftheschool year (October)
    • Coordinate a one/two-day spiritual retreat of middle school students at the beginning of the school year (November)
    • Lead a yearly mission’s trip for students include year-round discipleship training
    • Provide coaching and support for students who are struggling academically and behaviorally; create action plans for academic rehabilitation or counseling as needed
    • Lead afterschool discipleship programs independently or inconjunction with local ministry programs such as FCA or Cru.
    • Elementary (K4-5th Grade) Chapel
      • Aid teachers as needed to prepare Chapel services
      • AV assistance
    • Middle/High School (6th -12th Grade) Chapel
      • Work with the worship team to prepare a cohesive chapel service that draws students into a deeper understanding of their faith
      • Open and Close Chapel services
      • Schedule chapel speakers
    • Teach 1-3 High School Bible classes during the school year depending on other responsiblities

Interested individuals should email a resume to [email protected]

Listing Expires: 29-May-22

Lead Pastor

Lead Pastor of Osceola Grace Church in Osceola, Indiana


If you are interested in leading a church that desires to move to the next level of effective ministry, then Osceola Grace Church is a church you should consider. We are seeking to have a ministry that emphasizes reaching the un-churched, teaching Christ-followers, connecting Christ-followers with each other for spiritual growth, equipping Christ-followers to actively minister; and developing leaders to own the various ministry segments. 200 individuals call Osceola Grace their church.

We have taken the time to assess our strengths and weaknesses and believe we are positioned to continue to grow under the next strategic lead pastor. We have a full-time Family Pastor and a full-time church secretary. To fulfill the vision that God is giving us will require a pastor who can serve as the leader of leaders while building relationships with the current members and attenders, strategically developing and implementing the vision; and passionately leading and equipping us to reach the  un-churched within our spheres of influence. Osceola is located in Northern Indiana  between South Bend and Elkhart.  


The Lead Pastor will oversee/develop the following areas:

  • Development and implementation of the vision of the church 
  • Development of ministry leaders 
  • Development of ministry systems 
  • Coaching ministry workers 
  • Oversight of the Sunday services including preaching regularly 
  • Oversight and development of ministry staff 
  • Oversight and development of an outreach culture 
  • Oversight and development of the discipling system 

The Lead Pastor will…

Be a growing, mature Christ-follower who passionately follows Jesus

Be in agreement with Osceola Grace Church’s Mission, Vision, and doctrine

Have a strong desire to lead and develop the church 

Have a strong desire to build relationships


The Lead Pastor has demonstrated the following skills:

Able to develop and implement the Ministry Vision

Able to make wise decisions quickly

Able to develop and lead leaders

Able to develop, encourage, and coach ministry workers

Able to preach with a high degree of application and effectiveness from the Word of God

Able to manage people

Able to resolve conflict

Able to manage day to day operations of the church

Leads by example


The Lead Pastor has the following attitudes, abilities and desires:


Team player

Always strives for excellence

Enthusiastically works hard

Always finishes what is started and brings tasks to completion in a timely manner

Ability to hold confidences with integrity


The Lead Pastor maintains relationships with the following people groups:

Ministry Staff

Elder Team 

Support Staff

Members and attenders of the church

Un-churched people within his sphere of influence 


If you are interested, please send a cover letter introducing yourself and your resume to [email protected]  


Listing Expires: 26-May-22

Senior Pastor: Calvary GBC

 INTRODUCTION: The Calvary Grace Brethren Church is prayerfully seeking its next Senior Pastor. We desire this man to have a passion for church replanting/revitalization and the preaching of God’s Word. Qualified and interested applicants are encouraged to submit the following items to [email protected] by 03/31/2022:

  • Resume
  • At Least 2 Videos of Yourself Preaching (links or files)
  • Candidate Application & Questionnaire (application will be automatically sent upon completion) Click Here


The Senior Pastor will provide biblical leadership for Calvary Grace Brethren Church (GBC) through focusing on the preaching of God’s Word, discipleship, equipping, and empowering the church body for ministry (2 Timothy 4:1-2, I Peter 5:1-4, Ephesians 4:11-12).


  • Meets the qualifications of elder/overseer found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.
  • Wholeheartedly agrees with Calvary’s statement of faith.
  • Ordained in the Charis Fellowship (or willing to pursue).
  • MDiv (or equivalent), or Commensurate Experience.
  • Excellent Communicator.
  • Passion for Discipleship, Equipping, & Empowering.


  • Fulfill the responsibilities of an elder/overseer as outlined in the Scriptures (Acts 20:28-31, Titus 1:9, 1 Peter 5:1-4, Hebrews 13:7, 17; James 5:14). The Senior Pastor is “first among equals,” and is responsible for setting the pace for the Council and other church leaders to follow.
  • Provide visionary leadership by preaching the Word of God each Sunday through a comprehensive, expositional, and applicable study of the Scriptures – 2 Timothy 2:15; 3:16-4:5.
  • Lead ministry leaders in developing, clarifying, refining, and implementing a Christ-Centered vision of ministry for Calvary.
  • Equip the saints to do the work of ministry and to edify the Body of Christ (Ephesians 4:11).
  • Administrate and meet regularly with the church staff.
  • Plan the weekly Sunday worship service(s) in coordination with appropriate ministry leaders.
  • Coordinate and prayerfully develop/plan other ministry programming in coordination with the appropriate ministry leaders.
  • Shepherd the church to love and care for one another as well as minister to the sick and needy.
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of all Ministry Teams, Boards, and Commissions.
  • Develop a community presence through participation in community events, organizations, etc. with the specific purpose of representing Christ and the church in community life.
  • Be actively involved with the Charis Fellowship and Mid-Atlantic District Network.


  • Officiate weddings/funerals as needed and as schedule allows.
  • Provide counseling as appropriate to abilities/skills/experience.
  • Carry out the ordinances of the church (Three-fold Communion & Triune Immersion) in cooperation with the Deacons.
  • Work with the Council and Deacons to handle church discipline and conflict in the church, seeking to reconcile relationships and promote unity within the church.

Additional Resources: 

  • Click Here for a PDF document that includes a brief overview of Calvary GBC and Hagerstown, MD
  • Click Here for a printable version of the above Ministry Description.
  • The Mid-Atlanct District has been working closely with Calvary over the last several months with regarding this pastoral search. Feel free to find and contact any Mid-Atlantic District leaders at Access 2021 to inquire more about Calvary and this opportunity (Dan Pritchett, Dan Thornton, Davey Ermold, Timothy Clothier).
Listing Expires: 31-Dec-22